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About me:

NYC Based Costume Designer and Creator​

"It's good as an artist to always remember to see things in a new,  weird way."

-Tim Burton​

     From a young age I've always observed how people dress. The colors they choose. The fit and styles. Whether their clothing is current and new, or aged and loved. Our clothing tells a story of who we are; where we've come from. To me, a life-long day dreamer, a sweater on a passerby isn't just a sweater. It's a beloved hand-me-down from mother to daughter, a bridge between generations. We show our character through what we wear, and as a designer, I finally get the chance to look through the opposite side of the mirror at an individual's life, really dissect how each character can express themselves through fashion. 

     As a person with a love of ancestry and history, I have a keen interest for period costume design. Re-interpreting the fashions of our past generations and translating them for a modern perspective connects us to our ancestors. Designing and researching period garments gives me an appreciation for the evolution of fashion and the ever changing aesthetics of humans decade to decade.


   Clothing isn't made with the care and quality it used to be, so I strive to bring back the quality of historical techniques to my design work.

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